AI Award 2018

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Motion Placements Ltd (CityTravelReview Projects) has been successful again this year!
Motion Placements Ltd – Best Educational Project Facilitator 2018
Firstly, congratulations to you and your team on your continued achievements. These awards highlight the truly top performing businesses, individuals and departments in today’s market.



AI Award 2018

CityTravelReview Celebrates more than 10 years of projects.



Originally when the CityTravelReview Projects were set up, our initial aim was to create unique projects for young people that had the potential to have a long-term positive benefit to any person taking part within the team.  We wanted to create projects that were fun and interactive meanwhile also being a productive use of time whereby the participants‘ could learn by doing in a real life setting.  After our first ever ‚Test project‘ in Berlin the projects have gone on from strength to strength and we soon went on to create projects in other locations such as in Edinburgh, Madrid, Lyon & Barcelona using the same concept. We have held many successful, lively and  indeed fulfilling projects.  As the time has gone by these projects have been positively recognised worldwide by many Universities, the European Union, Educational institutions and other organisations within the field of study working experience projects.  We have had now thousands of Project Members‘ through our doors and we are pleased to say that the projects have indeed made a very positive impact on many people’s lives with a truly worthwhile experience that they look back on fondly!

We would like to thank all Staff, Project Member’s, institutions, organisations, those we have partnerships with and all those individuals that have believed in our vision & supported the projects in some form or at some level. The projects have been a real team effort and we’re looking forward to a tremendously enjoyable 2018 CityTravelReview working season!

CTR Team

CityTravelReview Projects







CityTravelReview Celebrates more than 10 years of projects.

CityTravelReview Tour


We will travelling around the UK during end of January until mid February conducting presentations on the CTR Projects at a few selected Universities.  Dates and locations to follow on first week of January.  SO stay Tuned! Until then please note our office is closed from 22nd December 2017 – 5th January 2018.  Have a very Happy Christmas and a marvellous New Year!




CityTravelReview Tour

CityTravelReview Application Notes 2017/2018



Update 2017/2018- We are now well into our first round of applications for the projects taking place in 2018. We close applications once the final member of the team has been selected.  To request a project schedule or an application please email   – generally it is a little easier to gain a place during first round applications. Some dates can fill up very quickly.

Our Annual CTR  information Tour 2018 – In January 2018 we will be visiting a few organisations, Companies, Universities and Exhibits over a period of 2 weeks in the UK.  All places for these presentations have now been taken. If we do release any more please drop us an email on and we’ll keep you updated.

Our CityTravelReview projects have mainly been passed via the University portals, Student unions, career hubs, placement schemes, work together organisations or word of mouth over the past 10 years.  Our applications do not stay open so long. We have a wide range of working young people, Students & Graduates from all backgrounds, experiences and studies.

Paperless office – Almost all of our information is now dealt with electronically and any paper or important documents digitalised.  This is a practice we put in place many years ago and we are gradually reducing all paper in order to be an environmentally friendly organisation, speed up our review processes, Project Member administration and to overall increase our effectiveness and efficiency whilst simultaneously reducing any time wastage.  All applications can be sent via email to us. If you ever require to send us any confidential information please send via an encrypted pdf. Anything that requires confirmation will always be made our side. For example a cheque in the post or a bank Wire/Transfer. In the unlikely case this is not, please follow up asap with a Project Co-ordinator.

Verified  – We are an Educational Project Organisation and have partnered or worked with many differing companies/organisations in the past.  We have won a number of awards concerning our CityTravelReview Projects.  We are a registered UK company and supply all of our accounts via The Companies House and all our details are publicly accessible. We work together with a partnering company in Berlin Germany and both have very strict Health and Safety standards and Company Policies that we must always adhere to.  We check all of our accommodation, meeting rooms etc… first hand and also make strict final inspections prior to the start of every project.

We have recently been voted for the 2nd year running Winners of the category ‚Best for Educational Working Projects 2017‘ held by the AI Business Excellence Awards. We won under the same category in 2016 .

The CityTravelReview Projects were also recently shortlisted in the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017 held by Corporate LiveWire and we can announce that we have won in the category ‚Excellence in Work Experience Services‘ 

CityTravelReview has been verified and named one of the Top Rated International Internships via GoAbroad.

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Generally in most cases on all CTR Projects , Project Members‘ meet officially on their first day at our Orientation Meeting.  The arrival day is the day before so some members‘ do have the chance to meet up together on this day depending on their time of arrival.






CityTravelReview Application Notes 2017/2018

CityTravelReview New Projects 2017/2018 Season.


First A big Thank-You to all those project members‘ that took part in our summer 2017 CTR Projects between May-September!

We are gearing up for our next CityTravelReview Projects. Before applying or requesting for information please do check out the below:

Important New change Notice September 2017:

We are releasing the next CityTravelReview projects this week! We tend to run 2 main application periods each year. Over the past years we have been inundated with many queries via a large range of social media portals and other external websites from people requesting information or responding to us regarding our CTR projects. Although we do use social media and other sites from time to time, for example displaying images from past projects, these forms of communicating are now used very infrequently our side and are not our official working portals. Responding to requests from so many external forums, social media networks, text messages and other external websites unfortunately can often really slow applications down, messages can go adrift and of course be a little confusing both sides as we do not have the resources available to check and respond to all the notifications coming in within a timely manner or even guarantee that we will be able to respond. Some of the information can also be outdated or even not entirely correct for the coming projects. Although this may seem old fashioned, in an effort to speed up the efficiency in processing applications, queries and for the correct most up-to-date relevant information concerning all CTR Projects, please do only contact our email on which is our only email. For potential and enrolled Project Members we will also only either contact you via your requested email address or via phone.

Thanks! CTR Team

CityTravelReview New Projects 2017/2018 Season.