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Latest News regarding the Project CityTravelReview.  Since 2007 the CityTravelReview project has been run together via Motion Placements Ltd and its sister partner Company Curso eG.

We have made the decision in order to simplify and streamline our working practices from October 1st 2018 the Project will run fully under the company Curso instead of the two as we have  simply merged the project under 1 Organisation.  For all Project Members‘ the only main difference will be that documentation such as our Project Schedules, Application forms, Arrival details, Bank details, Invoices, confirmed payment documents etc…will now only include Curso’s official company registration details and banking details.

Please note that these changes will come into play fully from 1st October 2018.

Curso eG / Citytravelreview projects

Office Address:

Alexanderstr. 7
10178 Berlin

Company registration number: GnR 644 B
Registered in Berlin
German VAT number: DE252548009





CityTravelReview News

CityTravelReview 2019

ctr applications 2019 will be released at some stage this week. Anyone wishing to be updated about the availavle places on the teams should be informed via email. If you are not on our list just drop us an email on requesting a project schedule 🙂

CityTravelReview 2019