CityTravelReview Celebrates more than 10 years of projects.



Originally when the CityTravelReview Projects were set up, our initial aim was to create unique projects for young people that had the potential to have a long-term positive benefit to any person taking part within the team.  We wanted to create projects that were fun and interactive meanwhile also being a productive use of time whereby the participants‘ could learn by doing in a real life setting.  After our first ever ‚Test project‘ in Berlin the projects have gone on from strength to strength and we soon went on to create projects in other locations such as in Edinburgh, Madrid, Lyon & Barcelona using the same concept. We have held many successful, lively and  indeed fulfilling projects.  As the time has gone by these projects have been positively recognised worldwide by many Universities, the European Union, Educational institutions and other organisations within the field of study working experience projects.  We have had now thousands of Project Members‘ through our doors and we are pleased to say that the projects have indeed made a very positive impact on many people’s lives with a truly worthwhile experience that they look back on fondly!

We would like to thank all Staff, Project Member’s, institutions, organisations, those we have partnerships with and all those individuals that have believed in our vision & supported the projects in some form or at some level. The projects have been a real team effort and we’re looking forward to a tremendously enjoyable 2018 CityTravelReview working season!

CTR Team

CityTravelReview Projects







CityTravelReview Celebrates more than 10 years of projects.

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