CityTravelReview New Projects 2017/2018 Season.


First A big Thank-You to all those project members‘ that took part in our summer 2017 CTR Projects between May-September!

We are gearing up for our next CityTravelReview Projects. Before applying or requesting for information please do check out the below:

Important New change Notice September 2017:

We are releasing the next CityTravelReview projects this week! We tend to run 2 main application periods each year. Over the past years we have been inundated with many queries via a large range of social media portals and other external websites from people requesting information or responding to us regarding our CTR projects. Although we do use social media and other sites from time to time, for example displaying images from past projects, these forms of communicating are now used very infrequently our side and are not our official working portals. Responding to requests from so many external forums, social media networks, text messages and other external websites unfortunately can often really slow applications down, messages can go adrift and of course be a little confusing both sides as we do not have the resources available to check and respond to all the notifications coming in within a timely manner or even guarantee that we will be able to respond. Some of the information can also be outdated or even not entirely correct for the coming projects. Although this may seem old fashioned, in an effort to speed up the efficiency in processing applications, queries and for the correct most up-to-date relevant information concerning all CTR Projects, please do only contact our email on which is our only email. For potential and enrolled Project Members we will also only either contact you via your requested email address or via phone.

Thanks! CTR Team

CityTravelReview New Projects 2017/2018 Season.