CityTravelReview Projects organises learning by doing projects for young people.  Most Project members are graduates, post graduates, gap students or those taking a career break or sabbatical period.  All members of the team come from different backgrounds all with different experiences and skills. Each year we have more than 200 project members that work within our teams either in Berlin, Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona or in Lyon. Many of our Project Members wish to add something special to their CV/Resume or portfolio and have the opportunity to learn a language, culture and to use their working skills in a fun working team environment.  Some of our project members who take the initiative do gain other longer term positions through our contacts, project related visits and through our creative network.  Some of our past project members also become freelance staff working in one of our CTR locations as they have most definitely proved to be valuable members of the team and have seen a CTR project through a Project Member’s own eyes.

Past Project Members –

Below are some organisations which we have worked with in the past also visiting some on project related visits –

Past Project Member facebook gallery –

Infographic ctr explained –

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The CTR projects have been a little made known to the public with thanks to various colleges, universities and other educational institutions including a number of  workplaces over the past years.  Many of our Project Members have come across the projects via good word of mouth from past project members and evidence of successful teams that still keep in touch to this day. A good number of our past project members have gone on to do exceptional positive things after completing our projects with a fresh new perspective of their abilities and their chosen career path.  Over the past years the projects have also been featured in the press, exhibitions and of course being spread by various key organisations, groups and relevant websites online.  A link to some of the places where CTR has been featured can be seen on the link below and also some further places are mentioned on the bottom of our homepage and this blog:

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#citytravelreview Steph
#citytravelreview Steph

‚Spending two months in Berlin was amazing. I met some great people, improved my writing skills and fell in love with the city. I plan on moving back next year after I finish university.‘

Steph B, UK

#citytravelreview Gemma C
#citytravelreview Gemma C

Over the years‘ the CTR projects have had a number of superb Project Members‘ that go on to great things.  Gemma Clarke (pictured) was a CTR Project Member in Berlin who from the project was inspired to go and create the rapidly increasing popular website ‚Global Hobo‘ which is a growing globe-trotting community.

The programme was fantastic – very worthwhile and enjoyable. It certainly inspires a fire to return to Berlin!

Chris Williams-Wynn…………….(more feedback on our CTR Site)

ctr york

We recently featured at the University of York ‚Global Opportunities Fair‘ – A past Project Member Alice Maloney was there to let others know of her experience. 662 Students attended!


More of some Past Project Members‘ views –

Above are some interviews with past and present staff…….enjoy!

***Update*** Here are a few of our recent guides  produced by our Project Members‘ now available:   (be in Berlin) (no wall left)  (edinburgh up close)   (my Berlin)  (off the beaten Strasse)

All the BEST AMY!  Amy was a member of staff for us from Hong Kong who worked as a Project Assistant with us this Winter to gain some valuable work experience.  She is now returning to Hong Kong to complete her studies.  Is sad to see her go and we hope she will return!  Thanks for the help!


Thanks to all CTR Project Members‘ this year!  We wish you all the best for the future!


Shakira G  (USA)- A past project Member from CTR Berlin 2016

‚I just wanted to say how wonderful this experience has been for me. I’ve truly appreciated the journey. I’ve gotten to know so much about the city and the culture. I’m in love!… Absolutely to the core. The architecture alone has me so fully enthralled that I feel as though I’ve explored every nook and cranny possible. I even rented a bike for a few days and have learned the lay of the land quite well.  Thank you tons for the opportunity!‘




Past Project member experience in Berlin……….

York University Global Opportunities – Stay tuned we will be back again to present Season 2017 the final application round.

We recently also appeared at the ‚Birmingham University Virtual Recruitment fair‘


CTR featured on the Daily Touch



3 CTR Project Members (on  3 month Project CTR Berlin) – wrote this blog last Summer ( class of 2016)

Our CityTravelReview Projects have been verified by GOABROAD. ( Some CTR Past Project Members‘ have left some positively warming feedback under our verified listing on the site.



Feedback from Davi Araujo from Brasil – Project Member on CTR Berlin

You are the sum of your story: what you are, think, feel comes from many different sources. Being part of an international project makes you closer to the rest of the world and surely can give you a better depth of general world understanding. Particularly when it comes to people. You are gonna meet and hang out with great guys and girls, whom you will think fondly for the rest of your life; you will learn they are so different from you and you will enjoy this; you will learn that many things work way different than you have at home – and still work just fine. And you will not be on your own. This kind of experience will make you see home is not at all a bad place and can always be improved.


Feedback from Natasha V  (UK) – CTR Berlin Project Member

‚I really enjoyed that trip to Berlin and as a result of that first visit – I fell in love with Berlin and returned many times and am now living there.‘



Information on Past Projects and posts as future Staff Member’s

Each year we get a number of past project members sending us positive feedback- below is an excerpt of some feedback we receive.  At the beginning of each application round some of our project members give us permission to let us pass on their contact details to anyone wishing to be involved in the projects to share their experience.  Please note once a past project member has been contacted more than 6 times we have to take them off our list. They all love to report their experiences however do not have the time or the resources to respond thoroughly on an ongoing basis throughout the year.   They also offer this service voluntary in order to help future applicants decide if this is the project for them. The list usually is valid for around 4-6 weeks depending on how many people are on the list and how many people get in contact early. Please enquire with a Project Co-ordinator.  Usually our list is released in Sept/Oct each year.

‚I really enjoyed our project in Berlin!‘ (Past Project Member)

‚I really enjoyed the project and would very much like to be a part of helping your company grow and expand, especially with my previous experience in both the project and outside.‘ (Past Project Member)

‚I took part in the CTR Berlin July 2016 project and would like to apply for a position with you for your projects this year. I really enjoyed my time in Berlin and gained a lot of valuable skills, so would like to apply these in a way that will both help new project members and continue to explore my own interest in journalism. Having taken part in the project last year, I understand both what is expected of the project members and how the projects are organised as a whole.‘   (Past Project Member)

‚As a  former participant of the Berlin Project during September of 2015. I am writing to you because my time in Berlin with the CTR Team and my fellow participants, has been without any doubts one of the best travel experiences I have ever lived.‘  (Past Project Member)

‚Taking part in the Barcelona CTR project in summer 2015 was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I’d love to be part of creating similar fun, inspiring and enriching programmes for future participants.‘  (Past Project Member)

‚I took part in the 2015 CTR project in Berlin and thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and would love to take part in another project!‘  (Past Project Member)

‚I really enjoyed working in last year’s Barcelona programme, and would be very interested in being involved as a staff member in the Edinburgh project for 2017.‘  (Past Project Member)

‚I had an absolutely amazing time during the project in Barcelona and loved every part of the process. I developed a great relationship with the staff and continue to keep in touch with them. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to return to Barcelona and to help the project members to have a fantastic experience like mine. However, all of the locations offered by CTR are amazing cities and I would relish the opportunity to spend time in a different city and to meet new staff and project members.‘  (Past Project Member)

‚I took part in the project during summer 2015 and really loved the entire experience. Since then I have had some experience in marketing and content writing roles. ‚(Past Project Member) 

‚I still talk to the people I worked with and lived with at CTR, and we even check in on our Editors from our Workshops.  I had one amazing summer in Berlin, one I’ll never forget and will always think of fondly.‘  (Past Project Member)

‚I think I would be a great asset to the CTR Team because I have many connections at universities in the US. With that being said I feel like there was a very untapped market to bring people into the CTR family and I could help make it possible for more American students to be able to participate in CTR’s wonderful adventure.‘  (Past Project Member)

I loved my experience on the Berlin project back in August 2013, so the chance to be involved with CTR again would be fantastic.‘  (Past Project Member)

“The three weeks I spent on the CTR Madrid project were the best three weeks of my summer; I got to meet and work with new and like minded people as well as experience a city more profoundly than if I had just holidayed there. The activities and workshops put on by CTR allowed me to discover local life in Madrid and I now feel like I have a link with the city.”  (Jean Sellar Past Project Member)

I really liked the project, it was a great experience! I think it was a great way to discover the city and learn something new. All staff members were friendly and helpful and I liked the structure of the workshop meetings. The culture meetings and excursions were well organized. I was also very impressed how central, clean and well-equipped the apartments were. I only wish the group would have been a bit more mixed, people from different countries etc, but this is not really your fault… so all in all a great time and hopefully there are many more of these projects to come! (Past Project Member Lisa Musial)

I’d like to thank you for the reference and express my interest in working for CTR on future projects. I really enjoyed the time in Edinburgh and I might move there to do my masters in publishing. So if you’re looking for staff members to support the workshops or anything, I’d like to gain more work experience and join the team! (Past Project Member katharina heisig)
I have just completed the CTR work placement in Berlin, which I greatly enjoyed,(Past Project Member Isabelle Cadwallader)


We are always interested in Past Project Members who enjoyed themselves on their particular project and are interested in working as staff members.  If this is you please do send us your CV and let us know which project and year you were on?  We cannot promise all past project members a position however we definitely do appreciate knowing which project members are interested and if they demonstrated the skills  and have the enthusiasm in order to join our team as a staff member!  Vacancies tend to arise in January and February each year.  For those not selected we still do keep their details on file for up to 3 years.

CTR SPRING 2017 – From back page of one of the CTR 2017 Edinburgh guides.

Fun, new friends, history, whisky, castles, pubs, tours, live music, fantastic views – oh my! Where completely strangers become friends with a glass of whiskey in hand – this is CTR in Edinburgh. Not even the Scottish weather pranks could hide the unique charm of Edinburgh – rustic bookshops, mystic closes and lovely shops make the city’s beauty! Exploring the beautiful city in great company – Edinburgh, you’ve stolen my heart! This once in a lifetime experience helped me fall in love with the beautiful city of Edinburgh while making new friends along the way. There is a distinctive feeling you have while walking through Edinburgh: It’s the mixture of living, breathing history and the culturally open mindset of the people today that is different from any other city in Europe. It’s not hard to fall in love with Edinburgh. The unique atmosphere in the pubs, the vitality everywhere, the beautiful landscapes and all the great people you are surrounded by made me feel like home! What a positive experience: getting to know a beautiful city together with amazing people! I came, saw, and fell in love with this city and its warm citizen. Can ́t wait to see you again, Edinburgh! To fall in love with a foreign city in a few days and discover it with a group of other girls, who became real friends, was an exciting experience, which I don’t regret.


‚CTR Project Members‘ Edinburgh Spring 2017′   (Past Project member Heather H)

Look mom, I helped write, design, and online publish a guide book with other international participants 📚👀 If anyone was wondering why I went to Scotland, it wasn’t just for holiday! 😏 Pretty dope experience. Thanks for the memories @citytravelreview ✌️️ • • • Guide Introduction: ‚Hello and welcome to Edinburgh! In your hands you hold all the best this incomparable city has to offer. For almost a month, we, the reviewers, have worked tirelessly exploring museums, cafes, monuments, and so much more so you could experience Edinburgh to its full potential. No stone has been left unturned in this city. So, read on knowing that this guide has been created to ensure you miss nothing and see the very best of Edinburgh. Go and explore this remarkable and unique destination for yourself and, if you need any suggestions, we are here to help! Take us along for your incredible adventure and we promise we will not let you down. Take in as much as you possibly can and once your stay is through, ‘haste ye back!’ Edinburgh is a place you will want to see again and again. It is a city that will never cease to amaze.‘ • • • #Edinburgh#Scotland#edineats#Scotlandpicoftheday#edinburghhighlights#thisisedinburgh#ctr#acrossthepond#onholiday#itsawholenewworld#travelbug#wanderlust#UK#edinburghhighlights#thisisedinburgh#ctr#citytravelreview#newkidontheloch#greatscot#somelikeitscot#putakiltonit#realmenwearkilts#UnitedKingdom#EdinburghLife#igersedinburgh#bonvoyage#beyondthekilt#graphicdesignlife#design#graphicdesign#heatherherczakdesign#travellife


#Berlin Project Members‘


CTR Edinburgh Project Member 2017 who was on the team in October that created the guide ‚Picturing Edinburgh‘.

Dear CTR Team,
Thank you, enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing our work online 🙂
Emily Sault
CityTravelReview Projects

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