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 CityTravelReview was recently shortlisted in the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017 and we are pleased to already announce that we have won under the category of ‚Excellence in Work Experience Services‘.  We are to be featured in the CorporateLive Wire magazine in February 2017.

We can confirm your success (Motion Placements Ltd CityTravelReview Projects) in winning: Excellence in Work Experience Services.

Over the past calendar year we have invited over 100,000 professionals working across the various corporate industries, the general public and our subscriber base to nominate associations, companies & individuals based on their achievements and strengths. Additionally Corporate Livewire’s extensive research team has put forward a selection of individuals who have excelled within their sector.

This year saw an unprecedented number of nominations, providing strong competition in every category and the judging panel had the unenviable task of selecting those firms & professionals most worthy of an award.

All winners of the 2017 Corporate LiveWire Awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by our experienced in-house professionals. This ensures that only the most deserving teams, practices and individuals walk away with one of these prestigious accolades. Award winners will gain a place in our soon-to-be published awards winners’ guide, which will be distributed to over 500,000 businesses and professionals, as well as in Aspire Airport Lounges around the world.  


#citytravelreview Isabel
#citytravelreview Isabel
Isabel – CTR Project Member and CTR Member of staff (Project Activities)
Locations- CTR Lyon (Project Member)  and CTR Barcelona (Staff Member)
Nationality – Spanish
Isabel was a CTR Project member in CTR Lyon and then became a Member of Staff in CTR Barcelona.
Question? – What is your name? The position you have or had in CTR?
Answer-  My name is Isabel and I was in charge of the cultural activities at the CTR project in Barcelona.
Question ?- How do you think CTR Benefits the Project Members?
Answer- I think that the main benefit of the CTR projects is that you get a better insight of a foreign country by getting a local perspective more than a tourist one. You also get engaged into different activities that allow you to develop your skills (writing, languages) and understand better a culture rather than just scratching the surface, as one usually does when travelling abroad for a short period of time. Other benefits are the connections/friends you make during your stay, being in a foreign country with other people that are also foreigners usually results in a bonding experience for all of you.
Question? – What is your view of the CTR Projects?
Answer- I had the chance to experience the CTR projects both as a student/participant and as a teacher/coordinator and both were really positives. As a student your only worries are having fun exploring the new city you are in with your new friends, and finding out what are your interests towards the guide. As a coordinator you have to find the best way of make the activities interesting and entertaining as possible.
Question? – What is/or was the best part of the position at CTR?
Answer- Just being able to show my culture and country to other people that want to have a good time was the best part of it.
Question? – What do you do currently?
Answer- Currently I’m studying a masters programme in Sweden, studying Japanese language and engaged with different voluntary associations here in Malmö.
#citytravelreview Sofia
#citytravelreview Sofia
Sofia –  CTR Member of staff (Language Trainer)
Locations- CTR Berlin
Nationality – Greek/German
Question? – What is your name? The position you have or had in CTR?
Answer-  My name is Sofia Kleftaki and I worked for CTR as a german teacher in Berlin.
Question? – How do you think CTR Benefits the Project Members?
Answer- I liked the „blended learning“ character of this programme. The participants got the chance to learn on several levels. Theoretical and practical knowledge on journalism but also communicational basis knowledge in German and creative events and visits also.
Question? – What is your view of the CTR Projects?
Answer- In my opinion the CTR Projects have much potential because they provide young journalists with valuable knowledge and give them the chance for an unforgettable experience in a european city at the same time.
Question? – What is/or was the best part of the position at CTR?
Answer- I had the freedom to organize my lessons myself and to show initiative which I appreciated a lot. The goal was to communicate in German and not to do grammar exercises. This is what a language is about.
Question?- What do you do currently?
Answer- I work as a german teacher in private education.
#citytravelreview Selene
#citytravelreview Selene
Selene – CTR Project Member (CTR Madrid) and CTR Member of staff (Project Manager Lyon)
Locations- CTR Madrid  (as Project Member) and CTR Lyon (as Project Manager)
Nationality – Italian
Question? – What is your name? The position you have or had in CTR?
Answer-  Selene Verri. Lyon Project Manager
Question?- How do you think CTR Benefits the Project Members?
Answer- CTR gives the Project Members the opportunity to learn while teaching, to get in touch with young, stimulating people who have great potential, and also to test their own skills: it’s not an easy job, but this is what makes it interesting, always finding new challenges.
Question? – What is your view of the CTR Projects?
Answer- My view is certainly different from someone in Berlin or Edinburgh. What was quite relevant in Lyon was the language part: students chose France because they wanted to practice the language, learn more about it and make friends among the locals. I think in some cities like Lyon this should be taken into account, and maybe try to work more in the language of the country the students are traveling, selecting only people with advanced knowledge of that language.
In general, students, who are mostly used to writing either academic articles or blog posts, learn how to write in a more professional way, which is quite useful in our information society, even if they don’t want to become journalists or writers.
Another important part is the layout part: nowadays, learning how to do a layout for a PDF file is paramount.
Question? – What is/or was the best part of the position at CTR?
Answer- The interaction with the students. Sometimes it may be difficult, but most of them are amazing, and being with them and teaching them is very rewarding and gratifying.
Question?- What do you do currently?
Answer- I’m a freelance journalist. Right now I’m working on a series of documentaries on Kurds in Syria.
#citytravelreview Teresa
#citytravelreview Teresa
Teresa –  CTR Member of staff (Language Trainer Madrid)
Locations- CTR Madrid
Nationality – Spanish
Question? – What is your name? The position you have or had in CTR?
Answer-  My name is Teresa Collazo Lugo and I am a language trainer in Madrid.
Question? – How do you think CTR Benefits the Project Members?
Answer- Because it gives the students the possibility of studying abroad and learning many new things, not only in a professional way, but also about the country. So it means that you can have fun, try the food, and enjoy the culture while studying!
Question? – What is your view of the CTR Projects?
Answer? – Who doesn’t love to get lost in a city and discover the true and authentic spirit of the place? So, sharing all this information it not only benefits the students but everyone else.
Question? – What is/or was the best part of the position at CTR?
Answer- For me, the best is to share my time with an international and motivated group of students. I am always happy to see how my students are mostly clever and sensitive people with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
Question – What do you do currently?
Answer- I’m teaching Spanish in Prague at Instituto Cervantes.
#citytravelreview Maria
#citytravelreview Maria
Maria –  CTR Member of staff (Language Trainer Barcelona)
Locations- CTR Barcelona
Nationality – Spanish
Question? – What is your name? The position you have or had in CTR?
Answer-  My name is María J. Nadal. I was the Spanish instructor for CTR-Barcelona in summer 2015.
Question? – How do you think CTR Benefits the Project Members?
Answer-The project adapted perfectly to my needs at that time. The whole team was willing to accommodate to working preferences when possible. I felt CTR supported and valued my work.  Being part of CTR also allowed me to discover a new Barcelona.
Question? – What is your view of the CTR Projects?
Answer  – I think it is great opportunity for students to improve their travel writing skills. At the same time they get to know the city and make friends for life.
Question? – What is/or was the best part of the position at CTR?
Answer-  I have no doubt. The best of this experience was to meet the BCN team, Celia and Patri. They made me feel very welcome. It was fun to work with them and also being part of the crazy ideas. I also wont forget the amazing atmosphere in the class. The students were very motivated and eager to learn and to laugh.
Question? – What do you do currently?
Answer- I am working in Prague as a Spanish teacher in Instituto Cervantes and working on my PhD.
Links to More  interviews from GO Overseas below:
Our Spanish CTR Barcelona staff provided this short clip for the project members‘ of all the private jokes they shared during their period in sunny Spain.
CTR Staff Interviews

CityTravelReview Projects

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http://citytravelreview.co.uk/ organises learning by doing projects for young people.  Most Project members are graduates, post graduates, gap students or those taking a career break or sabbatical period.  All members of the team come from different backgrounds all with different experiences and skills. Each year we have more than 200 project members that work within our teams either in Berlin, Edinburgh, Madrid, Barcelona or in Lyon. Many of our Project Members wish to add something special to their CV/Resume or portfolio and have the opportunity to learn a language, culture and to use their working skills in a fun working team environment.  Some of our project members who take the initiative do gain other longer term positions through our contacts, project related visits and through our creative network.  Some of our past project members also become freelance staff working in one of our CTR locations as they have most definitely proved to be valuable members of the team and have seen a CTR project through a Project Member’s own eyes.

Past Project Members – http://citytravelreview.co.uk/views/course-project-members-views

Below are some organisations which we have worked with in the past also visiting some on project related visits –


Past Project Member facebook gallery –


Infographic ctr explained –


Search –  #citytravelreview (Instagram) http://iconosquare.com/tag/citytravelreview

The CTR projects have been a little made known to the public with thanks to various colleges, universities and other educational institutions including a number of  workplaces over the past years.  Many of our Project Members have come across the projects via good word of mouth from past project members and evidence of successful teams that still keep in touch to this day. A good number of our past project members have gone on to do exceptional positive things after completeing our projects with a fresh new perspective of their abilities and their chosen career path.  Over the past years the projects have also been featured in the press, exhibitions and of course being spread by various key organistions, groups and relevant websites online.  A link to some of the places where CTR has been featured can be seen on the link below and also some further places are mentioned on the bottom of our homepage and this blog:


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#citytravelreview Steph
#citytravelreview Steph

‚Spending two months in Berlin was amazing. I met some great people, improved my writing skills and fell in love with the city. I plan on moving back next year after I finish university.‘

Steph B, UK

#citytravelreview Gemma C
#citytravelreview Gemma C

Over the years‘ the CTR projects have had a number of superb Project Members‘ that go on to great things.  Gemma Clarke (pictured) was a CTR Project Member in Berlin who from the project was inspired to go and create the rapidly increasing popular website ‚Global Hobo‘ which is a growing globe-trotting community.

The programme was fantastic – very worthwhile and enjoyable. It certainly inspires a fire to return to Berlin!

Chris Williams-Wynn…………….(more feedback on our CTR Site)

ctr york

We recently featured at the University of York ‚Global Opportunities Fair‘ – A past Project Member Alice Maloney was there to let others know of her experience. 662 Students attended!


More of some Past Project Members‘ views – http://citytravelreview.co.uk/views/course-project-members-views

Above are some interviews with past and present staff…….enjoy!

***Update*** Here are a few of our recent guides  produced by our Project Members‘ now available:
http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/be-in-berlin/17235232   (be in Berlin)

http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/no-wall-left/17235311 (no wall left)

http://www.lulu.com/content/ebook/edinburgh-up-close/17380204  (edinburgh up close)

http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/my-berlin/17384988   (my Berlin)

http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/off-the-beaten-strasse/17377715  (off the beaten Strasse)

All the BEST AMY!  Amy was a member of staff for us from Hong Kong who worked as a Project Assistant with us this Winter to gain some valuable work experience.  She is now returning to Hong Kong to complete her studies.  Is sad to see her go and we hope she will return!  Thanks for the help!


Thanks to all CTR Project Members‘ this year!  We wish you all the best for the future!


Shakira G  (USA)- A past project Member from CTR Berlin 2016

‚I just wanted to say how wonderful this experience has been for me. I’ve truly appreciated the journey. I’ve gotten to know so much about the city and the culture. I’m in love!… Absolutely to the core. The architecture alone has me so fully enthralled that I feel as though I’ve explored every nook and cranny possible. I even rented a bike for a few days and have learned the lay of the land quite well.  Thank you tons for the opportunity!‘




Past Project member experience in Berlin……….


York University Global Opportunities – Stay tuned we will be back again to present Season 2017 the final application round.


We recently also appeared at the ‚Birmingham University Virtual Recruitment fair‘


CTR featured on the Daily Touch



3 CTR Project Members (on  3 month Project CTR Berlin) – wrote this blog last Summer ( class of 2016)


Our CityTravelReview Projects have been verified by GOABROAD. (goabroad.com) Some CTR Past Project Members‘ have left some positively warming feedback under our verified listing on the site.



Feedback from Davi Araujo from Brasil – Project Member on CTR Berlin

You are the sum of your story: what you are, think, feel comes from many different sources. Being part of an international project makes you closer to the rest of the world and surely can give you a better depth of general world understanding. Particularly when it comes to people. You are gonna meet and hang out with great guys and girls, whom you will think fondly for the rest of your life; you will learn they are so different from you and you will enjoy this; you will learn that many things work way different than you have at home – and still work just fine. And you will not be on your own. This kind of experience will make you see home is not at all a bad place and can always be improved.


Feedback from Natasha V  (UK) – CTR Berlin Project Member

‚I really enjoyed that trip to Berlin and as a result of that first visit – I fell in love with Berlin and returned many times and am now living there.‘





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